Beautyful Waves will partner with the community to assist young girls aging out of the foster care system and/or girls who do not have a consistent support system, in their individual quests towards, wholeness and a healthy quality life. Beautyful Waves will empower these girls to have "Fearless Faith" and become self sufficient as they prepare for adulthood.


National statistics indicate that over 20,000 youth age out of the foster care system each year.  Our youth need to feel secure in that we as a community will not give up on them.  Rather, we will work with them as they learn how to live and function in the adult world.

There continues to be a silent epidemic in our nation of young men and women who reach adulthood without the resources and support they need to become productive adults in our communities. Without these adequate resources, educational failure is eminent, unplanned pregnancies may occur, crime goes up, drug use increases, homelessness runs rampant, suicide is likely and emotional trauma is all that these young girls have to look forward to. This journey could be a long and solitary one for these young adults.